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Posted: March 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Offline Cash – Help Small, Local Business Endure – blog marketing –

By concentrating on millions of potential customers worldwide, we frequently focus on online business and ignore the business in our own metropolitan areas, towns, and neighborhoods. Using email promotion, a local business can keep shoppers coming back again and again. They can send out messages for particular offers, coupons, bulletins, updates, and special events. This keeps customers reminded that they exist, and also bring clients back in to the location to take advantage of special offers. What we found is that there are literally hundreds of businesses in every town and city across the world that have yet to connect to the global reach that the Internet offers. How many of those people would benefit by having a web presence? Now, think again about the sheer number of mom and pop shops that don’t have a presence and compute how much money you could make if you were the bridge that coupled their local business with the world wide web.

Recommend your online skills to small, local business to help them survive and thrive. Read the free ebook here:

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