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Mind-map showing a wide range of nonhierarchic...

Image via Wikipedia is a collaborative mind mapping site – totally online and free.

What is mind mapping?

Short answer: interactive brainstorming

“Isn’t 42 the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything? Well, in this case it means FOR TWO and indicates the collaborative character of mind42. Manage all your ideas, whether alone, twosome or working together with the whole world – collaborative, browser-based and for free.”

I just found this resource recently, and I’m kicking myself. Instead of keeping URLs in spreadsheets or browser bookmarks, I can now create categories, links, and notes in one easy to follow location. I can link to the mind map or even embed it in a blog or website for easy access.

Mind mapping is about collecting ideas arranged in a tree like diagram. From a programmers point of view, the creation of such diagrams requires graphical processing. As web browsers weren’t able to do graphical processing for a long time, such applications only existed as classical desktop applications which had to be installed. But times have changed, computers got faster and browsers became more powerful. Mind42 is one of the first solutions for mind mapping which is a pure web application – with all its advantages. No installation required – accessable everywhere!”

The introduction of the Chromebook will change the way most of us compute.

Chromebooks are cloud computers for individuals. You may save your desktop for graphics or other platform dependent software, but for laptops, this is the way to work in the cloud. Having your notes on a mind map will be even more critical.


“Mind42 is a web application – however, this doesn’t mean you have to set your comfort aside. Mind42 is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) mind map editor supporting keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop, zooming and much more. Not forms and lists which are generally used in web application. A real application – within your browser.”

1. collaborate or work alone
2. accessible from any Internet device
3. nodes – icons, colors, images, text styles, links
4. no installation
5. easy publishing and distribution


As you make changes on Mind42, the updates take place everywhere you have published. If you embed your mind map on your blog, for example, every visitor is presented with the latest update.

eBook Publishing:

I will never create an ebook the same way again. A Mind42 map is a perfect outline where you can create and rearrange topics, chapter titles, notes, links to research sites, images, and more.

Once you have completed your ebook, you can choose to include the mind map in your PDF file, much as an outline. Occasionally, you should export the map as a pdf to keep a backup.


1. While Mind42 is free, there is no guarantee it will stay that way. Always save and export your mind maps.

2. Root for the Aussies. I hope they turn this into a “must have” online app. At least I thought this was Australia, but the address is now in Austria.

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