Text the Romance Back Brief Review – Romantic SMS

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Text the Romance Back Brief Review – Romantic SMS – http://txtromance.com/text-romance/

If you are sensing a disconnect from your lover, you are almost certainly yearning for the man he was when you first met. The man that wowed us in the beginning when he was trying to win us seems to have disappeared. No flowers, romantic dinners or weekend getaways. No afternoon phone calls saying he is thinking of you. The intimacy is dead. So how could you revive your relationship?

Think about what motivated your man at the time you initially met. There was excitement. There was joy. He couldn’t get enough of you. But once people get to know each other, they forget how to create attraction in their relationships.

You must understand how to push his romantic buttons. Men are motivated differently than women. Telling him you miss him will not get him to listen. Paint a picture in his mind and create the mood, and you can see him stand up and listen.

Make sure you appear mysterious. Without mystery, his mind will have no space to explore you. You want him to think about you, but you don’t want him to know everything at once. Create interest. Leave him wanting more.

To get a guy addicted to you, you create positive triggers to positive things you have shared. This builds an emotional connection. This is why sending text messages works so well. Your ring tone, your name on his cell phone, become triggers to him. Triggers of lust, and warm, fuzzy feelings. When we have addictions in our lives, we think about them often. This is what you have to do with your texts. Get him fantasizing about you.

Clear-cut texts are available to help you text the romance back. – http://txtromance.com/text-romance/

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