Change the World

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I will tell you how to change the world:

A) Stop being angry at the world first. Ultimately, you can’t change it by force, by voting, by protesting. Nothing works. So it’s none of your business what’s going on out there. I forget who said it but someone said, if you want to walk comfortably, it’s better to put on your own sneakers than cover the entire world with leather.

B) Heal yourself. Forget about the past (“historical is hysterical”) and forget about the future (a popular book right now is that America will be #2 by 2025. My view: who even cares? And who thinks so far ahead anyway? I can get hit by a bus tomorrow and not even be here in 2025.) Focus on how you can be a better person NOW. If each person was healthy now, then change will happen.

C) How do you heal yourself? Do “The Daily Practice” I recommend. Blah. I hate recommending that every day. In my book, I Was Blind But Now I See,  I have some modifications on how you can tailor the Practice to your lifestyle. But here’s one trick that you can do instantly. If you find yourself getting angry about some world event you can’t change, label that thought “not useful”. Instead, replace it with a thought that makes you a better person. Perhaps a thought of gratitude towards what you have. Gratitude improves not only you but the people around you. This is the seed of world change. Not anger.




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