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whether or not to live in the US – http://burndownthefreakingmission.com

Amplify’d from lewrockwell.com

does not require you to give up US citizenship. Most expats keep
their US citizenship for a wide variety of reasons, among them being
the fact that gaining citizenship in another country is not an easy
process, requiring time and patience, the taking of citizenship
exams, money to pay for all the fees, a pile of official documentation,
notaries, apostils, a lawyer… and don’t forget the US$450
you must pay for the final privilege of handing over all of your
rights and privileges as a US citizen.

Gaining residency
in another country or even citizenship does not negate your US citizenship,
and you will be free to come and go, unless you have a suspiciously
Arabic-sounding name, you have engaged in some perceived treasonous
act, or “pal’ed around with terrorists” or other
deemed enemies of the state, or for any other reason that the US
Department of Homeland Security has decided to secretly put your
name on the infamous No Fly List. But this blacklist only inhibits
the way that you travel, prohibiting entry into US airspace, not
entry into United States territory itself.

If you renounce
your citizenship, forget about reversing your decision. It is irrevocable.
In that case, you would be required to apply to the US Department
of State for a visa, just like most other aliens who wish to enter
the United States. The exception is that citizens of the 36 nations
that participate in the Visa
Waiver Program
are allowed to visit the US for up to ninety
days without a visa, assuming that they meet all the requirements.

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