Reverse SEO

Posted: October 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I am not suggesting you all become little flavorless, colorless scaredy-cats trying to hide all the time.  Use this to calculate the cost and benefit to your life of individuality in the public realm.  Manifest your inner snowflake to your heart’s content in private ways.  But, if you want to have a public presence and maintain control over your private life, try doing a little reverse SEO on your life to hide in plain sight.  The truth is, I don’t really know how this idea, intentionally obscuring public information, can best be used.  So this article is like an idea mating call.  Someone else will be able to take this idea, mate it with their own idea, and come up with some very useful offspring. Then again, this idea might just be a useless mutation in the evolution of ideas.  Leave your idea offspring in the comments.  Let me know how they might interact with other privacy tools and resources, or with privacy fencing, or with transactional databases.




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