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Most of the
Afghan army and police, on which the US spends $6 billion annually,
are Tajiks and Uzbek, many members of the old Afghan Communist Party.
The brutal Afghan national security service is populated by former
members of the notorious, Soviet KGB-created Communist KHAD secret
police. Taliban suspects captured by US and Canadian forces are
routinely turned over to the Afghan secret police for torture.

To Pashtun,
Tajiks and Uzbek are bitter enemies. In Afghanistan, the US has
built its political house on ethnic quicksand.
Worse, US-run
Afghanistan now produces 93% of the world’s most dangerous narcotic,
heroin. Under Taliban, drug production virtually ended, according
to the UN. Today, the Afghan drug business is booming. The US tries
to blame Taliban; but the real culprits are high government officials
in Kabul and US-backed non-Pashtun warlords.




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