Urban Farms

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Definitely a possibility – http://live-free-in-an-unfree-world.com – Is Detroit next?

Amplify’d from lewrockwell.com
Urban Farms
In Oakland,
California, where I live, urban homesteading – growing food on private
land for small-scale trade and consumption – has become so common
the city government has backed off a bit. In a rare triumph for
sanity and freedom, anachronistic zoning ordinances from 1965 are
being liberalized to accommodate the city farmers. Molly
Samuel writes at KQED
city has already made some changes; it’s now legal to grow and
sell vegetables on an empty lot with a conditional use permit.
. . . Oakland North reports one of the hotly debated topics [at
a city meeting] was animal husbandry: Should Oaklanders be permitted
to raise, slaughter, and sell animals? Or not?”

Despite the
remaining government bureaucracy, we have to cheer on the homesteaders.
They are so impossible to ignore, hundreds of them flooding a city
meeting, that the tyranny of zoning is being ratcheted back for

Read more at lewrockwell.com



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