First Ever Ancestral Health Symposium

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A good place to start before a worse economy forces one to start.

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First Ever Ancestral Health Symposium

Readers not so familiar with this movement will ask: what exactly
is ancestral health? The Ancestral Health website describes it this
way: “The Ancestral Health Symposium fosters collaboration
among scientists, healthcare professionals and laypersons who study
and communicate about health from an evolutionary perspective to
develop solutions to our modern health challenges.” The conference
speakers and attendees included MDs, scientists, PhDs-to-be, medical
school students, health and medical writers, authors, fitness specialists,
nonconformist nutritionists, filmmakers, psychologists, bariatric
specialists, bloggers, health hobbyists, lifestyle writers, and
intelligent laypeople who understand that they don’t need a special
degree from the education establishment to learn about, and live,
the ancestral health lifestyle.

The ancestral health audience is often synonymous with the paleo
culture (Paleolithic-type
); the primal lifestylers as championed by Mark
; the real foodists (natural, whole foods; not industrial-chemical
concoctions); and the eco-agricultural lifestylers (such as those
who associate with the magnificent Weston A. Price Foundation).
I would describe the ancestral health movement as a force for educating
people in order to equip them with the intellectual tools that are
necessary to deny the conventional wisdom of the special interests
and the government-medical corporatocracy so they can become accountable
for their own health and life. This movement strives to educate
people through science – and so many people do so much hard work
for free, and that is because it is a purely grass-roots movement
dedicated to spreading knowledge and helping others through voluntary
and cooperative efforts. I know, that sounds mighty darn libertarian,
doesn’t it?




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