Do we really want freedom?

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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For example:
Try and find a Republican who will support the elimination
of taxes on real estate – so that people can really own their
homes and land. Instead he will talk about “our children’s
future” and the importance of having “good schools”
– paid for with the liberty of home and land “owners”
who are in fact feudal serfs permitted temporary and conditional
use of the county’s property so long as the annual property
tax is paid. It is as hard to find a Republican who will say that
it is the responsibility of parents to provide for the education
of their children – not the parents’ neighbors
– as it is to find a purple Brontosaurus in Central Park. The
Republican conception of property rights – and thus,
of human rights – is as crippled from the get-go as
the left-liberal Democrat conception of them.




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