Renaissance man

Posted: July 30, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Age of specialization over?

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Renaissance man
Awhile back,
we posted about the importance of striving to fulfill your complete
potential by becoming a true Renaissance
. While we live in a world that encourages specialization,
a man should seek to learn about as many subjects as he can and
expand his mind to its outermost limits.

Centuries ago,
being a Renaissance man was a pursuit preserved solely for the well
to-do. It was only the upper-classes who could afford private tutors
and expensive books. Today, happily,  the spread of technology has
placed the goal of being a true polymath within any man’s reach.
A modern man can spend a lifetime educating himself on everything
from philosophy and religion to cooking and music, all without ever
spending a dime. If you desire to enrich your mind without ever
opening your wallet, here are some avenues to pursue, with some
personal recommendations for each. Of course, not everything a Renaissance
man needs to know can be taught in books or on the internet, but
this is a worthy start to supplement your hands-on training.




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