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The turd in the punch bowl? http://burndownthefreakingmission.com

Amplify’d from lewrockwell.com

… Why a prosperous nation is turning on itself … Here in the
industrial core of Europe, things have never been so good. Germany’s
western flank has become the greatest exporter in the Western world,
second only to China and far ahead of the United States. The container
ports along the Rhine are working day and night to deliver record
orders of German products to southern and western Europe, the US
and especially to China. Shops are busy. Home sales are rocking.
Unemployment has not been so low since the ’80s. In terms of growth,
profits and productivity, the current German economic boom has surpassed
even the “wonder years” of the ’50s. These are, by several
measures, the most successful people in the world. Yet it is very
hard to find anyone here who is happy about this state of affairs.
~ Today

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