Quit Your Job Right Away – Sovereignty Without Regrets

Posted: June 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

According to the Paul Simon song, there must be 50 ways to leave your lover.  For a job you don’t love, there has to be more.  I do not accept that we were put on this Earth to labor like animals, provide money for the desires of others, or to enter into voluntary servitude.

The Challenge – 51 Reasons to Quit Your Job

1. Serious Undercompensation (the pay sucks)

If you’ve been paying your dues for years, you may be caught in a dead end situation. If you know you’ve earned a raise or promotion, have asked for it, but have been denied repeatedly, consider your alternatives.

2. Evil Boss

Some bosses go beyond incompetent boobs to actual evil.  Run, don’t walk.  Run for your life.  Even if you are paid well, you did not sign on for constant abuse.

3. Evil Employer

Your company is ethically dead. The managers lie to customers about the quality of the products or when the product will ship. Maybe the company is stealing information from competitors to survive.  The company knows what it is doing is wrong, and so do you.

4. Evil Coworkers

If you work with them, your fiscal and physical health may be at peril.  Do you truly want to spend one third of your time on this planet resisting evil.  Quit your job and save your soul.

5. Idiot Coworkers

With older, overqualified workers taking jobs they never thought they would have to resort to, the risk of working with short bus refugees grows daily.

6. Unfriendly Environment

Some companies like Google and Amazon.com have long recognized that providing soft benefits and perks can make a work environment more enjoyable than going home. Other major corporations are so focused on profits they forget who makes the money.

7. Inadequate Tools to Do the Job

Few companies actually give you the tools you need and want to do the job well.  Find another.

8. Unchallenging Work

Some jobs are just too boring for humans.  My first job was as a lifeguard.  Sitting in a chair watching people swim at the pool is mind numbing unless some new bikini clad talent shows up.

9. Micromanaging

Companies spend a fortune interviewing candidates for jobs, performing background checks, and drug testing.  The goal is to choose reliable, competent employees.  Then they micromanage every minute of your day.  Look elsewhere.

10. No Room for Advancement

Family business.  Company dying.  Outsourcing overseas.  There could be hundreds of reasons for no advancement in a company.

11. Major Change in Your Life

Your life situation has changed in a big way. Perhaps you have gotten married or had a baby, and the salary no longer meets your needs. Quit your job and move on to better opportunities to support your family.

12. Company Looks Financially Vulnerable

If your manager says that everyone’s job is safe, run to CareerBuilder.

13. Better Opportunity Elsewhere

Loyalty was a reality years ago when opportunities abounded and companies were loyal to their employees.  Ford employees did not quit their jobs to work for GM.

14. Bad Workplace Romance

If you find yourself in a big, workplace-relationship fiasco. it may be time to start looking for a new workplace where you’ll have a clean slate. Just resolve not to repeat the same mistake.

15. Hate Going to Work

No free man or woman should hate going to work when they have a choice.

16. High When You Exit Work

I hate how fast the time goes before it’s time to leave for work.  On the other hand, when I clock out in the evening, it’s like being released from jail on a 16 hour furlough.

17. Don’t Need the Money That Badly

If you are one of those rare Suze Orman believers who has an 8 month supply of cash on hand, quit your job now.

18. Depression

Depresson is complicated, but job stress can be a big contributor.

19. Dream About Work Problems

If work problems seem into your dream time, sever the cord.  Your dreams are trying to tell you something.

20. Relationship With Immediate Manager Damaged Beyond Repair (PONR)

If your bad relationship with your supervisor has reached the point of no return, quit your job.

21. Dislike Your Corporate Culture

Perhaps your company is egalitarian and you want the best parking spot for salesman of the month.. Equal treatment can grate for those who shine.

22. Just Don’t Enjoy Your Work

You’ve stopped having fun at work.. No matter what changed, when you hate going to work in the morning, it’s time to quit your job.

23. Company Not Totally Evil, But Ethically Challenged

Companies that are ethically challenged can turn evil in difficult time.  Beware.

24. Your Own Bad Behavior at Work

Maybe you could not help it.  Maybe they are too slow for your sense of humor.  Get out before you turn into one of them.

25. Cost of Starting Your Own Business Near Zero

In the Internet age, you can start an affiliate marketing business online with absolutely no investment.

26. Burned Bridges

After you’ve burned your bridges with your co-workers, the reasons don’t matter much.  Start fresh in a new job and don’t let this situation happen again.

27. Stress Levels Are Off the Charts

Stress kills.  The money cannot be worth it.  Quit your job before you die.

28. Need More Responsibility

You are unchallenged, need more responsibility, and seek opportunities that just don’t exist for you in your current organization.

29. You Simply Hate Your Job

Hating your job and hating going to work are different yet related. Do you really need 50 other reasons?

30. Difficult Workplace

Co-workers, supervisors, and a negative office environment can make your job unbearable. In fact, they can make your workplace a place where you simply don’t want to be. Once you have exhausted every option, you may need to make a decision to quit your job.

31. Inconvenient Schedule

Modern companies will be based on results, not a schedule, with you deciding if you will work 9:00 to 5:00 or at 3:00 in the morning.

32. Relocation

Obviously, if you need to move, your company may not be in the new location.  Even if it is, you may choose to sever your relationship anyway.

33. Change Career

If the job does not match your career plans, find one that does.

34. Gnawing Gut Feeling

Know and trust yourself.  If something feels or smells bad, it probably is.

35. Not Doing What You Love

While I don’t necessarily believe you have to love your job, as I get older I can see the wisdom into making your work your passion, or vice versa.

36. Physically Dangerous Job

Let someone else take the physical risks.  Use your brain and computer to make a living.

37. Health Issues

It may not be your company’s fault, but if your health is being negatively impacted by your job, quit your job and save your health.

38. Hostile Workplace

No man or woman should tolerate an openly hostile work environment.  Not even for a day.

39. Promises When Hired Not Fulfilled

When interviewed and hired, recruiters always paid a rosy picture.  When the actual job does not live up to even a minimal level of expectations based on corporate propaganda, that is reason enough to move on.  The covenant has been broken.

40. No Recognition

Some crave recognition.  If you are one of these employees and you are not getting what you need, it’s time to change jobs.

41. Authority v. Blame

It’s amazing how managers seize authority and credit, until things go wrong.  Blame flows downhill.  Don’t accept it.

42. Long Commutes

As gas prices rise, the long commutes are harder and harder to finance.  When you add your commuting time to your hours on the job, you may find your salary after taxes to be much less than you anticipated.

43. No Compensation for Ideas That Help the Company

If you have great ideas for your business niche, quit your job and put them in place to crush your former employer (always follow any non-compete agreements).

44. Corporate Politics

Where office politics should guide you to quit your job is if it interferes with your ability to do your job, or if you are not allowed to play the game.

45. No Flexibility

Many jobs – security, call centers, factories – are time driven.  Human thought and ingenuinity not needed.

46. Can’t Feel the Love

In bad economic times, most companies ditch the love.  If you want it, you must create your own.

47. No Security

No job is safe or secure.  Don’t go looking for love in all the wrong corporate places.

48. No Regrets

Where are the regrets?  If you quit your job, or 10 years later, if you don’t.

49. Eliminate Stuff

This is where the Buddists have us beat.  Let go of your attachments.  It’s much easier to quit your job if you don’t need it to survive.

50. You, Inc. – Do It Better

If you are going to work like a dog, you might as well be as free as an eagle and work for yourself.  Except for manufacturing, most business can be down by an individual with outsourcing of tasks others can do better.

51. Sovereign Individual

A sovereign individual is one who can wake up in the morning and decide how to shape that day – completely free of outside human interference.

To crush your job, you need to start with the right mind-set and conclude with a simple system to get you started on the path to an online income that will set you free.

~ Charles Lamm

Burn Down the Freaking Mission – http://burndownthefreakingmission.com

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