Quit Your Job Right Away – Live Free

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Quit your job, and you face pressures on monetary, emotional, and family levels. You are threatening the wellbeing and stability of others. Don’t quit your job, and you die a little inside every single minute of the day.

The Challenge – 51 Reasons to Quit Your Job

1. The Pay Sucks

In a slow economy, corporations are hiring – at wages less than before 9/11. Unions are being busted and desperate people will do what they have to do to feed their families.

2. Evil Boss

Some bosses go beyond incompetent boobs to actual evil. Run, don’t walk. Run for your life. Even if you are paid well, you did not sign on for constant abuse.

3. Evil Company

When companies ruin communities and the Earth when chasing profits that end up in New York or Los Angeles, it could be a sign of evil. Quit your job and be part of the solution and not the problem.

4. Evil Coworkers

If you work among them, your financial and physical health may be at risk. Do you really wish to squander one third of your time on this planet resisting evil. Quit your job and save your soul.

5. Idiot Coworkers

I would choose evil coworkers over idiots. Let’s be honest. If your fellow workers should be riding the short yellow bus to work, maybe it’s time to break the association. Quit your job now.

6. Unfriendly Environment

Some companies like Google and Amazon.com have long recognized that providing soft benefits and perks can make a work environment more enjoyable than going home. Other major corporations are so focused on profits they forget who makes the money.

7. Inadequate Tools to Do the Job

One sign of a company in trouble is a lack of tools and supplies to do your job. Find another.

8. Unchallenging Work

A fine line exists between mastering your job and becoming too “comfortable” or complacent. In any job, there should be a certain amount of work that pushes you to new levels. So if you’re bored to tears, quit your job, and move on, instead of sulking or becoming bitter.

9. Micromanaging

Companies compete for talent then micromanage the innovation out of them. Look elsewhere.

10. No Room for Advancement

If you are stuck and can’t move up – move out.

11. Major Change in Your Life

Changes at home often require changes in job scenery.

12. Company Looks Financially Vulnerable

If you’re hearing reports of bankruptcy or impending layoffs, it may be time to check out what other options are available.

13. Better Opportunity Elsewhere

Loyalty to a corporation is dead. Get over it.

14. Bad Workplace Romance

If you find yourself in a big, workplace-relationship fiasco. it may be time to start looking for a new workplace where you’ll have a clean slate. Just resolve not to repeat the same mistake.

15. Hate Going to Work

No free man or woman should hate going to work when they have a choice.

16. High When You Exit Work

I hate how fast the time goes before it’s time to leave for work. On the other hand, when I clock out in the evening, it’s like being released from jail on a 16 hour furlough.

17. Don’t Need the Money That Badly

If you don’t need the money, find a new job or start your own Internet business. Life is too short to trade time for money you don’t need.

18. Depression

If you’re experiencing sadness to the point where you dread getting out of bed in the morning, it may be hard to place all of the blame on a stressful job. But it could be a big part of it.

19. Dream About Work Problems

If your dream time is being wasted on work problems, you need a change.

20. Relationship With Immediate Boss Damaged Beyond Repair (PONR)

If your bad relationship with your supervisor has reached the point of no return, quit your job.

21. Dislike Your Corporate Culture

Perhaps your company is egalitarian and you want the best parking spot for salesman of the month.. Equal treatment can grate for those who shine.

22. Just Don’t Enjoy Your Work

You’ve stopped having fun at work.. No matter what changed, when you hate going to work in the morning, it’s time to quit your job.

23. Company Not Totally Evil, But Ethically Challenged

Companies that are ethically challenged can turn evil in difficult time. Beware.

24. Your Own Bad Behavior at Work

Maybe you could not help it. Maybe they are too slow for your sense of humor. Get out before you turn into one of them.

25. Cost of Starting Your Own Business Near Zero

Technically, you could begin at the public library without a computer, phone, or website. At the very least, you should have an affiliate marketing business as backup income and to start replacing your job.

26. Burned Bridges

If your behavior has been so bad or your workplace so hostile you have burned your bridges, no need trying to repair what cannot be fixed. Quit your job with grace. No badmouthing. Just quit.

27. Stress Levels Are Off the Charts

Stress kills. Crush your job before it kills you.

28. Need Additional Responsibility

You are unchallenged, need more responsibility, and seek opportunities that just don’t exist for you in your current organization.

29. Just Plain Hate Your Job

Hating your job and hating going to work are different yet related. Do you really need 50 other reasons?

30. Difficult Workplace

If the workplace is not conducive to business. Change it, or abandon ship.

31. Inconvenient Schedule

Companies use employees as pawns. They may change your schedule frequently to satisfy “the needs of the business” or send you to a remote location for weeks on end.

32. Relocation

Moving is a good cover story when the real reasons you want to quit are personal.

33. Change Career

If the job does not match your career plans, find one that does.

34. Gnawing Gut Feeling

Sometimes you know in your gut something is wrong. It might be the job, the boss, or just your place in the company. Listen to your gut.

35. Not Doing What You Love

Passion is difficult to fake. You are either doing what you love or you are not, there is no middle ground. If you won the lottery, what kind of work would you do for free?

36. Physically Dangerous Job

Let someone else take the physical risks. Use your brain and computer to make a living.

37. Health Issues

It may not be your company’s fault, but if your health is being negatively impacted by your job, quit your job and save your health.

38. Hostile Work Environment

A hostile work environment is another situation faced by women more than men. Sexual harassment has lessened over the years, but subtle forces can still create a hostile workplace.

39. Promises When Hired Not Fulfilled

When interviewed and hired, recruiters always paid a rosy picture. When the actual job does not live up to even a minimal level of expectations based on corporate propaganda, that is reason enough to move on. The covenant has been broken.

40. No Recognition

Should you come up with a brilliant idea that generates millions for your company, it is unlikely that you will share in any of the profits. Chances are you will not even get a pat on the back.

41. Authority v. Blame

It’s amazing how managers seize authority and credit, until things go wrong. Blame flows downhill. Don’t accept it.

42. Long Commutes

As gas prices rise, the long commutes are harder and harder to finance. When you add your commuting time to your hours on the job, you may find your salary after taxes to be much less than you anticipated.

43. No Compensation for Ideas That Help the Company

If you have great ideas for your business niche, quit your job and put them in place to crush your former employer (always follow any non-compete agreements).

44. Corporate Politics

Where office politics should guide you to quit your job is if it interferes with your ability to do your job, or if you are not allowed to play the game.

45. No Flexibility

Many jobs – security, call centers, factories – are time driven. Human thought and ingenuinity not needed.

46. No Love

In bad economic times, most companies ditch the love. If you want it, you must create your own.

47. No Safety

Safety does not exist outside of the individual. Corporations will not provide it. Safety such as it exists, comes from knowledge and skill and a willingness to do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your family.

48. No Regrets

If you were to quit your job today, would you have any regrets about tasks undone or promises unmet? If not, move on.

49. Eliminate Stuff

By cutting down or eliminating houses, cars, pools, wardrobes, and other unnecessary expenses, you may be able to eliminate the need for a job altogether. I view a house as an anchor, not security.

50. You, Inc. – Do It Better

You, Inc. was a famous book from years past. Never has it been more necessary.

51. Sovereign Individual

A sovereign individual is one who can wake up in the morning and decide how to shape that day – completely free of outside human interference.

To crush your job, you need to start with the right way of thinking and finish with a straightforward system to get you started on the path to an e-commerce income that will set you free.

~ Charles Lamm
Burn Down the Freaking Missionhttp://burndownthefreakingmission.com


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