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Posted: May 1, 2011 in Social Media
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For both small businesses and Internet marketers, social media is a godsend and a curse. Thousands of what I label free points of hype can be found in three broad areas on the web – search engines, content, and profiles. Working marketers currently possess exceptional free publicity and branding possibilities.

You can start an web business with absolutely no cash outlay. You might not want to go that bare, but you can. Bum marketing is one example.

All three areas, and all of their sub-categories, work together and enhance each other. Many marketers are enamored with social media like Facebook and Twitter, although social networking and social bookmarking are ineffective without handling traditional search engine optimization (SEO) first.

Search Engines:

Natural SEO means Google. If you master getting your blog ranked in the top page of natural results, the rest can wait and will likely take care of themselves.

Search engines and directories come in many flavors:

– elephants (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask)
– blog search engines
– RSS search engines
– web directories
– specialty search engines (real estate, news, etc.)

Being ranked by Google on the first page of the organic search results depends on good content, authority backlinks, and targeted keyword phrases in the anchor text of those backlinks.


Spiders or bots from the main search engines continuously index every word on the Internet. Unique content targeted to your money keyword phrases will amplify your ranking in Google.

Content can be posted online in:

– your own hosted website or blogs
– article directories
– free blog hosts
– community websites
– free websites
– free blog space in some social media sites

When search engines see duplicate content on and off your website, it has difficulty knowing which page to display as the original. Spinners avoid this issue by producing hundreds or thousands of unique pages to promote.

A Google slap for duplicate content is unusual, unless the exact same content shows up multiple times on the same website. I once had an article picked up and republished on 800+ sites. They all showed up in Google until the results were narrowed down to just the most important sites.

Some claim that you ought to use methods like bum marketing to churn out up to 50 articles a day. I prefer to write one article, create 50+ titles, deeply spin the article, and craft thousands of unique articles for the information sites and article directories.

Every point of hype now has a one of a kind article producing a one way backlink to my money site, or any site I prefer. Google loves backlinks just about as much as content.

A good manual spinner and a good writer eliminate all duplicate content considerations.

A good manual spinner like Magic Article Rewriter is okay, meaning you create all the sentence and word substitutions. The language is entirely yours. Automatic rewriters can create stilted, unnatural text – and typically do.

Free PLR articles have been hashed out on the Internet so many times by lazy marketers that the search engines give them no merit, or as I like to say, they have no Google juice.

The lone real use for PLR is ideas. If you see something you like, rewrite the ideas into your own words.


Social media and business listings are where profiles come into play. Most social media sites require you to register on the site and create a profile previous to using.


– business listings (Google Places, Localeze)
– Internet yellow pages (MagicYellow, Yellowbook)
– e-commerce business profiles (LinkedIN, BusinessCard2)
– article directories (Ezinearticles, Goarticles)
– social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace)
– social bookmarking sites (Digg, Diigo)
– microblogging sites (Twitter, Plurk)
– free blog hosts (Blogger, WordPress)
– community websites (Squidoo, Hubpages)

Google loves one way backlinks from authority, high ranking websites. You cannot get to the top of the organic SERPs without them.

When you cross promote using all free advertising and promotion techniques, a number 1 listing in Google is feasible for all but the most competitive keywords.

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For those who know the merit of free advertising and marketing points of hype, subscribe to Points of Hype Pro to keep up to date on thousands of free websites to market your small business –

~ Charles Lamm


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