Local Internet Marketing Services – What Does Your Small Business Need to Survive

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Making your local, small business findable is vital.  People search on-line for offers then purchase locally.  Internet marketing for local businesses is no longer an option.

To attract local customers and clients who want your products and services, you may want to go to a local internet marketing specialist for non-traditional Search engine marketing like online yellow pages listings, electronic business cards, and mobile friendly websites.

Internet search routines are evolving.  Newspapers are lining bird cages.  Yellow pages are getting thinner and thinner and still filling dumpsters.  Tivo guarantees I never have to look at tacky local cable ads.  Even my 83 year-old mother can print out map directions and coupons online.

Why does your company need local internet marketing services?

For one, it’s different from usual Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Traditional SEO strategies help make your website visible, which is all well and good.  Okay, as far as it goes.  Traditional SEO can elevate your local business listings – if those listings are in place.


73% of all online activity is related to local content

85% of web surfers depend on search engines and conduct over 16 billion searches a month

90% of those searches are for community vendors

66% of Americans utilize the Web to find local businesses

54% of Americans have replaced their phone books/printed yellow pages with search – and virtually 100% for those under 50 years old

82% of local searchers follow up their search with a phone call or walk-in

53% of U.S. online consumers research products online then buy at a local store or over the phone

43% of search engine users research or shop online then buy locally

Google’s share of local search – 72% (May 2010)

* Yahoo! – 14%

* Bing – 9%

* Ask.com – 2%

Unfortunately, most companies or people who offer local search or local seo are “geek-centric”.  Technicians will dazzle you with geek speak such as SEO, SERPs, and PPC campaigns.  As a small business owner, I want customers or clients, not campaigns, branding, or useless hits to my website.  How they do it does not concern me as long as their methods are white hat.

* I don’t care about the details any more than I want to know how my mechanic fixed my transmission.

* I want a marketing specialist.  I want the phone to ring off the hook.  I want my competition to wonder why I am hiring new staff in a recession.

* I just want leads and more business.  Get a customer to my website, and I will take care of the rest.  Help me quick.


Internet Mad Men – http://internetmadmen.com – makes your business findable on the Internet for your local customers.

We specialize in making your business website findable to potential customers searching the Internet for your specific product or service.

In addition, we specialize in making your site mobile friendly for the many millions of Internet users who use smartphones to access the web.

Charles Lamm provides Local Internet Marketing Services for small businesses throughout the United States.


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