How to Prevent Memory Loss – Memory Enhancement

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Absent head trauma, memory loss has a way of sneaking up on us.  Signs and symptoms started showing up about one year ago.  I wasn’t sure what it was.  Now, preventing memory loss is the predominant focus of my being.

I no longer practice law.  Lawyers read and process tons and tons of information on a daily basis.  Particularly for prosecutors and litigators, recall might mean the difference between winning or losing a trial.

An acquaintance of mine from law school once worked as an investigator for famed attorney F. Lee Bailey.  He had many tales of Bailey’s capacity to remember word for word what a witness had said in depositions weeks or months past.

Any conflicts with past statements would result in an impeached witness.

I have had a half dozen disturbing incidents over the past year, including:

– could not find a bank branch location I had visited two times before

– purchased a book for the office and absolutely have no idea what I did with it

– through out new clothes that were destined for charity in Jamaica

Along with not remembering names or specific words as quickly as I always have, you start to get a cumulative effect.

No one incident means a lot.  If it were just a bad day, I wouldn’t worry.  The fear is the lapses are getting more frequent and more severe.

My life’s sole purpose is now to find out what I can do to:

1. prevent or slow down further memory loss

2. heal any harm that can be repaired

3. construct the best brain for the rest of my time on this planet

Except for disease and genetic factors, much memory enhancement is in your control.

As I age, the job is not easy, but it’s possible.  Much like an aging pitcher who cannot depend on a 100+ mile per hour fastball, you have to learn to toss a good curve ball or slider to compensate for the loss of heat.

Start with diet and exercise.  You need blood flow to the brain, and healthy foods to protect your cells.

Add essential vitamins and nutritional supplements to your diet.  Depleted soil and farm raised fish mean that you might not be getting the nutriets you need from your diet.

Some critics of vitamins claim they exit your body in your urine.  Could be.  But I would rather pass extra vitamins than not have enough for proper health.

As an alternative to mindless TV, consider increasing your reading, puzzle, and game activities.

Don’t ignore sleep and rest.  You body needs more time to repair itself as you get older.


Better to prevent brain injury than attempt to repair it.  Start now to create an optimal lifestyle of real food, exercise, and nutritional supplements.

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